Vertical Panorama (2013)

Vertical Panorama was a working title given to attempts at exploring unusual or extended views whilst holding on to the formalistic markers of realistic representation. Vertical Panorama: Oak tree is a drawing resulting from this line of enquiry.

At the time this drawing was made my journey to work involved walking through streets and parkland, and I became aware of the difference in visual attention that these landscapes evoked. In the streets I looked across at cars and people, whereas in the park my attention turned to details and textures in all directions: leaves on the path, moss and the branches vertically above.

Creating this drawing was an attempt at a describing the act and shape of looking at an Oak tree from a fixed point: looking from the roots, in a vertical direction across bark and up above into branches meeting the sky. To some extent this related to a panoramic view: a panorama, derived from the Greek to mean ‘see all’, refers to a circular representation that gained popularity in the 19thCentury.

 I used digital photography to make a composite image and later used this as reference material to work from in pencil. The act of re-making the image using a graphite pencil and eraser carries with it its own type of looking; another relationship between the image, material and attention across time.